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Antisense Therapy is Changing Views on Diseases

Summary: Oligonucleotides are now being used as treatment options. With the help of radical technological breakthroughs, oligonucleotides, or oligos, are being used for therapeutic purposes. With the constant clamoring of how oligos can be used as a type of agent that will help deliver positive benefits to patients, it is now becoming more apparent that […]


The Role of Molecular Beacon Probes in RNA and DNA

Summary: Interest in molecular beacon probes is rapidly increasing. It has been known that molecular beacons have started arousing interest due their continuous readout, and outstanding spatial resolution when observed in real time. These kinds of dual-labeled probes have the ability to differentiate between two types of bound and unbound RNA and DNA in living […]


How Chemically-Modified Oligonucleotides Broadened the Research Field

Summary: Chemical modifications open up a whole new realm of opportunities for researchers. Oligonucleotides play an impactful role in a wide range of applications in fields like molecular biology, therapy, and biotechnology. Furthermore, they have also been studied and shaped into a therapeutic medication for viral infections. Their range of use can be further broadened […]


Antisense Therapy is Bringing New Life to the Biomedical World

Summary: Antisense oligonucleotides are playing large roles in disease prevention. Throughout the course of oligonucleotide history, major improvements and discoveries have been made in molecular biology that have allowed antisense therapy to thrive. This has allowed researchers to thrive in understanding diseases at the molecular level, which has essentially facilitated the development of new drugs […]


The Combinatorial Libraries of Oligonucleotides

Summary: To distinguish one member from another in the pool of oligos, a tagging system has been created. Over the last ten years, there has been significant improvement in the development of compound libraries for the discovery of molecules with new binding properties. The basic premise is to ultimately shorten the effort and time associated […]