Finding the Right Oligonucleotide Manufacturer

Oligonucleotide synthesis is essentially the synthesis of nucleic acid fragments that results in defined chemical structures with purities of different sizes. When you´re looking for the most effective modified product for your oligo synthesis, you´re going to want to narrow down the companies that you´re going to work with by high quality services that they offer. Here are some key components that you´re going to want to keep in mind when shopping around.


Quality is obviously the main concern that you´re going to have because the only way that you can validate what they claim is through user reviews or testimonials. You´re not going to have a physical sample that you get to take an in-depth look at, rather an assortment of pictures put together by the company.

Be sure that the company is specific in their details to ensure that you get exactly what you want. For example, if they´re offering single stranded or double-stranded DNA, be sure that they give you the exact number of bases as they state. Additionally, check to see if they are analyzed and quantified by both mass spectrometry as well as UV spectrophotometry. There are also certain standards that should be met by the manufacturer such as specifications and formats of the oligos.

Customer Service

Oligonucleotide manufacturers that deal with such delicacy should have an informative group of customer service representatives. If you´re unsure about the purchase of a product or want to validate what you´re receiving, speak with their customer service representatives and ask them specific questions such as: the research grade, their formats, packaging, etc.