Antisense Therapy is Changing Views on Diseases

Summary: Oligonucleotides are now being used as treatment options.

With the help of radical technological breakthroughs, oligonucleotides, or oligos, are being used for therapeutic purposes. With the constant clamoring of how oligos can be used as a type of agent that will help deliver positive benefits to patients, it is now becoming more apparent that this development is approaching a new type of therapy.

The First Antisense Therapeutic Agent

When the first antisense oligonucleotide was made available to the public, it benefitted immunocomprised patients that suffered from cytomegalovirus retinitis. Through various clinical trials, this therapeutic agent helped thousands of patients around the world increase their quality of life.

Research and Study

Years of experimenting and trial and error has led to oligonucleotides being utilized in the form of treatment. This has benefitted both patient and scientists, being that it has become a foundation for future health endeavors to come. With such success, researchers can now incorporate what they created into new developmental drugs that can perhaps target some of the more major diseases and viruses that continue to plague the globe.

A New Beginning

This is only the beginning for oligonucleotides. Through the process of oligo synthesis, researchers will eventually develop more potent drugs that have a chance of becoming more than just a research item. It´s encouraging to see as the world has a chance to not only benefit from this drug, but also as a pinnacle of hope in that deadly diseases can be halted or even destroyed.