How Chemically-Modified Oligonucleotides Broadened the Research Field

Summary: Chemical modifications open up a whole new realm of opportunities for researchers.

Oligonucleotides play an impactful role in a wide range of applications in fields like molecular biology, therapy, and biotechnology. Furthermore, they have also been studied and shaped into a therapeutic medication for viral infections. Their range of use can be further broadened through the introduction of chemical modifications in their base and structure. One of the more prevalent fields where oligonucleotides are being used in antisense therapy, where chemical modifications actually confer characteristics that would otherwise be passed on such as cellular uptake, positive pharmacokinetic properties, and more.

Broadened Research Field

Another field that utilizes oligonucleotides is the combinatorial technology research field. This area focuses more on the combination of both oligonucleotide and analogs, and their extensive employment. To sum it up, a modified oligo opens up a whole new realm of research for the scientists – and it continues to do so, creating new opportunities for the development of tools and therapeutic medication.

Conjugate Oligonucleotides

Conjugate oligonucleotides are resulting entities from the coupling of one or more molecules that confer certain properties that represent useful analogs. These dual-labeled probes provide a particular reactivity with nucleic acids that can either cross-link or cleave the acids in a selective way. They are also important in the detection of nonradioactive probes as well as automated sequencing. Some other useful ways in which there are intermolecular interactions within the oligo involve enhanced cellular uptake and intercalation. These molecules have been widely used in the field of molecular biology as well as diagnosis.

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